So its been a really long time since Ive been to Epcot, younger me, hated that it didn’t have enough rides and required so much walking. But I wanted to go to the different countries and pay closer attention to the details of Epcot. Of course they don’t 100% represent the countries but Ive never left the United States before and seeing all the different cultures was very exciting.

And of course, the weather wasn’t the best but it helped with the heat. There are a couple rides within Epcot so we decided to get those finished before exploring the countries since all the rides are at the entrance. And because Epcot basically has ZERO shortcuts, (if we wanted to head back to the entrance we literally had to make a huge circle) we thought getting those done was the best way.

And one of the rides, The Nemo thing had a mini aquarium after you were done with the ride. And it was adorable.




Actually, the title of this blog is a complete lie. Animal Kingdom was actually day 2, we went for a 8 hour drive to Florida and a 6 hour shopping spree in Day 1. And I think I’ll do a haul of all the stuff I got but since this is my blog and I don’t want to start with Day 2…Im calling it Day 1.

But Ill still start off with our hotel room. We actually stayed at the Disney All Star Sports Resort (geez thats a long name (̶◉͛‿◉̶)) It was our first time at a disney resort and it was actually hella convenient cause theres a bus that takes you directly to the park of your choice.

We stayed in the tennis one; they have football building, a cocacola building, and a whole bunch of other ones. But the way that they design it is adorable. They have little disney characters displayed around the place.



So I have a serious obsession with trying out new coffee shops. Because coffee shops just gives me a warm feeling in my stomach and my heart ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ)

I tried out a place called Mocha Moe’s and its probably the biggest coffee shop I’ve tried, theres a lounge area where people can sit and read their novels. Theres a dining area where you can order salads and sandwiches. Theres also a stage for performers that come out and play live music when the sun goes down.

I wasn’t really planning on staying there the whole day, so I wasn’t dressed for the comforting occasion. Instead of a warm hoodie and worn out jeans, I wore all black and a leather skirt.

✨ Shirt : AliExpress   Skirt: DollsKill  Shoes: Adidas ✨

But for my first visit, I decided to sit at the couch and watch a show called “I Can See Your Voice”. Its a pretty fun show. (>‿◠)✌



So yesterday was the first day I got off school. I just finished my spring semester and I have a full month before my summer semester starts. And even if they’re all online, I still want to make the most of my days before that starts. The weather was pretty shitty yesterday, I was raining and cold but I still decided to expose my flesh because I’m smart.

🌟My denim jacket is from an online thrift app called Depop, my denim skirt is from Urban Outfitters, and my tank is probably $1 from Forever21. I decided to go denim on denim on denim (my shoes were also denim ٩(˘◡˘)۶) 🌟

But due to the extremely cold weather, I wanted a hot bowl of korean soup so I went to an asian market named Assi. They have a small foodcourt with different foods from different cultures. And my soup was very traditional.



IMG_5057So at the beginning of the month, my sister and I have decided that we should completely cut sugar out of our diets for a full month. We did this sugar strike last summer and we did pretty well, no desserts, no candy, no cookies, and no sugary drinks. And when we accomplished our whole month, we felt pretty satisfied with ourselves. But this month…I guess my heads just not in the game ಥ_ಥ (more…)



The weather has been absolutely beautiful the past couple days..but of course the one day we wanted to go to the mountains to have a picnic..it rains. And its not just rain, its thunderstorms and lightning all up in our faces. But with the horrible weather we still decided its the perfect “excuse” to watch Beauty and the Beast.


Oh god this movie…I’ve seen the Disney animated movie multiple times and I expected this live action to be exactly. But so many addition scenes they added just punched me in the heart. And I’m guilty to say that I did cry..but hey my dad cried too. (more…)


So tomorrow, both of my parents are off work. Which rarely happens, both my sister and I are on Spring Break. But get this, its raining tomorrow, from fucking 8:00am-11:00pm. So we gotta make the best of this rare time we have together by doing other stuff. So my sister and I decided not to use our phones all day tomorrow. No texting and no social media…taking pictures are okay right? So yeah, thats what the plan is tomorrow. We’re FINALLY watching Beauty and the Beast, I’ve been trying my best not to watch it with friends since I know my mom would love this film. So, tomorrows D-Day. And so NO INTERNET! Nah..maybe I’ll need Yelp or something. But I’ll make an update tomorrow on how it goes. It is now 12:03 and I gotta warn some people that I’m going to disappear tomorrow so they don’t think I’m dead 😛