So recently, I haven’t been venturing out and finding new music. Im literally just listening to the same songs over and over again.

  1. Just yesterday though, I just ran into a song called “Being an Adult” by Kim Na Young. And the title of the song was what grabbed me, and I’m not fluent in korean so I actually looked up the lyrics and I fell in love with the song. (The links I’m using are from YouTube, I’m not taking any credit for them)

Being an Adult – Kim Na Young





IMG_5057So at the beginning of the month, my sister and I have decided that we should completely cut sugar out of our diets for a full month. We did this sugar strike last summer and we did pretty well, no desserts, no candy, no cookies, and no sugary drinks. And when we accomplished our whole month, we felt pretty satisfied with ourselves. But this month…I guess my heads just not in the game ಥ_ಥ (more…)



The weather has been absolutely beautiful the past couple days..but of course the one day we wanted to go to the mountains to have a rains. And its not just rain, its thunderstorms and lightning all up in our faces. But with the horrible weather we still decided its the perfect “excuse” to watch Beauty and the Beast.


Oh god this movie…I’ve seen the Disney animated movie multiple times and I expected this live action to be exactly. But so many addition scenes they added just punched me in the heart. And I’m guilty to say that I did cry..but hey my dad cried too. (more…)


So tomorrow, both of my parents are off work. Which rarely happens, both my sister and I are on Spring Break. But get this, its raining tomorrow, from fucking 8:00am-11:00pm. So we gotta make the best of this rare time we have together by doing other stuff. So my sister and I decided not to use our phones all day tomorrow. No texting and no social media…taking pictures are okay right? So yeah, thats what the plan is tomorrow. We’re FINALLY watching Beauty and the Beast, I’ve been trying my best not to watch it with friends since I know my mom would love this film. So, tomorrows D-Day. And so NO INTERNET! Nah..maybe I’ll need Yelp or something. But I’ll make an update tomorrow on how it goes. It is now 12:03 and I gotta warn some people that I’m going to disappear tomorrow so they don’t think I’m dead 😛


Hiya there, the name’s Jessica. I dislike Mac & Cheese (no matter how many times I try to like it), when people try to talk to me when I have headphones on, closed minded people, and gum that runs out of flavor too fast. I like cafes with cute drinks, shimmery eyeshadows, falling asleep with the tv on, and staying out really late with friends. I’ve made multiple attempts at making a blog and sticking to it, but I will try to stay motivated and create an amazing blog. Now off to the drawing board! :-*