So its been a really long time since Ive been to Epcot, younger me, hated that it didn’t have enough rides and required so much walking. But I wanted to go to the different countries and pay closer attention to the details of Epcot. Of course they don’t 100% represent the countries but Ive never left the United States before and seeing all the different cultures was very exciting.

And of course, the weather wasn’t the best but it helped with the heat. There are a couple rides within Epcot so we decided to get those finished before exploring the countries since all the rides are at the entrance. And because Epcot basically has ZERO shortcuts, (if we wanted to head back to the entrance we literally had to make a huge circle) we thought getting those done was the best way.

And one of the rides, The Nemo thing had a mini aquarium after you were done with the ride. And it was adorable.