So recently, Ive been venting out to find new makeup products. And throughout the few months, I’ve come across some gems. And I’ve put together a look that I’ve been doing a lot with those products. Soo lets begin~~

So I’ve been getting really dry skin around my nose area so a lot of my foundations/bb creams haven’t been working out for me. I watch a lot of beauty bloggers and many have recommended this Infallible Pro-Glow foundation by LorĂ©al.

The consistency is pretty liquidy, not at all thick feeling. It also oxidizes pretty quickly, so I recommend dotting it in the face and using a sponge or brush to blend it all out instead of putting it on your hand first.




So, its been a while since I made a post but it’s -_- But I came back to make a small post about this new tool I got. My boyfriend just bought me a UV/LED light for gel nail polish and now I am obsessed.


They had 3 options of light (pink, blue, and white) & of course I chose the PINK. But since I got it, Ive slowly been collecting nail art jewels, water decals, and more colors. Ive been going through eBay & Aliexpress to find cheap options.


If anyone is deciding to get one, I would completely recommend it. I find it really relaxing to do your nails and I strongly prefer gel over regular nail polish since after you cure it, its completely dry. You can do all the things you need to do without messing up your nails. So far Ive done a couple designs already by looking through some designs on Pinterest.