IMG_5057So at the beginning of the month, my sister and I have decided that we should completely cut sugar out of our diets for a full month. We did this sugar strike last summer and we did pretty well, no desserts, no candy, no cookies, and no sugary drinks. And when we accomplished our whole month, we felt pretty satisfied with ourselves. But this month…I guess my heads just not in the game ಥ_ಥ

First we broke cause we’re onspring break and we were craving ice cream…so that happened…strike one. Also yesterday, I walked into a really cute korean bakery called Sweet Rice, that had my favorite dessert, bingsu (really fine shaved ice with a variety of toppings)



Come that not the most beautiful piece of dessert or what? *this is actually called Injeolmi Bingsu which is basically Misutgaru (sweet bean powder) aka my favorite kinda bingsu* So I devoured that baby..strike two.

Today was also my grandma’s birthday, and you know what birthdays mean; birthday cakes. And again, it was from a korean bakery. It was also another one of my favorite flavors, green tea. This is actually from a place called Paris Baguette which is a pretty big franchise in Korea.

 The interior is pretty classic looking, and its also my favorite place to buy cakes. So my sister and I decided that it would be rude to completely skip the cake on my grandma’s birthday, so to make ourselves feel LESS guilty..we shared a slice. 凸(¬‿¬)凸


ANDDD…strike three…(╥﹏╥)


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