So yesterday was the first day I got off school. I just finished my spring semester and I have a full month before my summer semester starts. And even if they’re all online, I still want to make the most of my days before that starts. The weather was pretty shitty yesterday, I was raining and cold but I still decided to expose my flesh because I’m smart.

🌟My denim jacket is from an online thrift app called Depop, my denim skirt is from Urban Outfitters, and my tank is probably $1 from Forever21. I decided to go denim on denim on denim (my shoes were also denim ٩(˘◡˘)۶) 🌟

But due to the extremely cold weather, I wanted a hot bowl of korean soup so I went to an asian market named Assi. They have a small foodcourt with different foods from different cultures. And my soup was very traditional.


🌟It has a very clean taste because it’s just a seafood broth and the main star of the dish is bean sprouts. And the side dishes (from left to right) are kimchi, picked cucumber, and more bean sprouts🌟

After we finished our meal, we made our way to Starbucks. My parents bought some korean pastries next to the food court and ate their pastries with the Starbucks coffees. I got myself a coconut cold brew.

🌟While I sipped my coffee and nibbled on some sweets, I was reading this YA book called Cinder. Its been out for years and I started it maybe last year but never got to finish it. Im half way now cause I just started again. And I actually really like it so far, its a Cinderella retelling but taken place in a fantasy/dystopian setting. 🌟

Fast forward to day…OOTD

🌟Earrings: Depop           🌟 Mesh top: Windsor             🌟Dress: UO

Weather was nicer today so my family sat outside of starbucks and talked bout past, present, future events. Very emotional day.✨(っ◔︣◡◔᷅)っc(◕︣◡◕᷅c)✨But after we got fat, we drank coffee and got even more fat. And tonight, I’m working my night shift so maybe I’ll burn that off. But my coworker always buys potato chips for everyone on Saturdays…whatever fat = happiness.


FullSizeRender 2

✨Fried chicken and ddubboki from Harue✨

And Im gonna get real basic here.




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