So I have a serious obsession with trying out new coffee shops. Because coffee shops just gives me a warm feeling in my stomach and my heart ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ)

I tried out a place called Mocha Moe’s and its probably the biggest coffee shop I’ve tried, theres a lounge area where people can sit and read their novels. Theres a dining area where you can order salads and sandwiches. Theres also a stage for performers that come out and play live music when the sun goes down.

I wasn’t really planning on staying there the whole day, so I wasn’t dressed for the comforting occasion. Instead of a warm hoodie and worn out jeans, I wore all black and a leather skirt.

✨ Shirt : AliExpress   Skirt: DollsKill  Shoes: Adidas ✨

But for my first visit, I decided to sit at the couch and watch a show called “I Can See Your Voice”. Its a pretty fun show. (>‿◠)✌

But after an hour, I decided to just sit and read my book. And while I was reading, a band started to play. They were pretty young, maybe in junior year of high school? But they were pretty good. Overall, the whole concept of this cafe is really appealing to me. I could stay there all day if I could but Im sure some of the employees might not be too happy with that so I forced myself to leave around 8:30. Their hours are from 7:30-9:30 btw. Am I weird to be amazed that they open at 7 freaking 30?





✨ Im currently looking for more super cute coffee shops to blog about but I kinda want to gather a good amount and make a separate blog post for my top 5 coffee shops around me (so be on the look out) ✨


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