So to start off, I read this book in the beginning of last year. I was planning on getting back into my book mojo but because of school, I failed. I loved reading back in high school and I just wanted to feel the love of stories and books again. So at the beginning of this summer, I was determined to read more books.

Cinder was the first book of the summer and although it was kinda hard for me to fully commit to the story. Oh Lord. It was pretty great (ɔ◔︣‿◔︣)ɔ ❤ This book is a retelling of Cinderella and the other books in the entire series are all retellings of different fairytales. WHICH I LOVE, ALERT DISNEY DORK.


First off, the characters started off dull to me, maybe because of the setting and time of the story. It sets off in the future where technology took a huge peek in the society and theres a plague going around from the Lunars. But because of this disease, people are scared, weak, and desperate for their dying loved ones. And because of this setting, the characters seemed so died out. Cinder also seemed a little meh, is the best way to describe it. I guess it has something to do with her evil stepmother and stepsister. Yes stepsister not stepsister(s). Theres actually two of them but she actually has a pretty good relationship with the youngest one Peony.

But anyways, her character defiantly develops while also maintaining her own morals and beliefs throughout the story. And I was quite surprised by how the last 10 chapters really pulled me in. Overall, I think the book had good pacing. But just a warning, this isn’t a happily ever after kinda story, things go down. (⊙.⊙(☉̃ₒ☉)⊙.⊙)

Theres fighting, magic powers, freaky tech terminology, romance, etc. And just like the real Cinderella story, theres a prince. His name is Kai ❤ He’s naive, confused, and makes decisions based on his heart which I appreciate.

The whole story is basically about Cinder and her hidden past, she was in an accident when she was younger that she has no memory of. She doesn’t quite remember how she ended up with her stepmother, she knows outlines but doesn’t know anything else. And because of her accident, surgeons had to implant metal body parts for her to survive. Hint hint, she’s a cyborg. (thats not a spoiler) (─‿‿─)

Overall, I give this maybe a 4 stars out of 5. And that’s only because I feel like I didn’t get a good look at the whole story, because there is a continuation. BUT this book is hella worth giving a read. The romance makes me happy, the villains make me angry, and the tragedies make me sad. Its a rollercoaster. But a good one. 😛

Im currently reading the next book, Scarlet which is a retelling of The Little Red Riding Hood. And although there are new characters, you still follow Cinder’s stories. Everything is connected basically. And I’m pumped to see where this whole series leads to. t(>.<t)


🌟 Ignore the chipped nail🌟

Have a great day❣


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